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116,000 psi. 151,000 psi. 177,000 psi. 177,000 psi. US BOLT TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS *** (lbs/ft). Bolt. Grade 2. Grade 5. Grade 8. SHCS. 1/4"-20.


Use specified bolts and nuts, tightening them to the torques specified in this ... nut and bolt (or stud bolt), use the tightening torque specified in the.


standard-torques.pdf[11/17/2019 8:27:33 PM] ... Popular Diesel Engine Specs ... Standard Bolt torques for imperial and for metric bolts.


Bolts are new, standard finish, uncoated and not lubricated (other than the normal protective oil film). b. The load will be 90% of the bolt yield strength.


Socket Head Cap Screws. Tightening. Nominal Torque (In-Pounds) ... Button Head Cap Screws. Torquing Specification. Inch & Metric Fastener Chart. Holo-Krome®.


Bolt torque chart reference guides include Grade 2, B7, A307, A325, Grade 8, A490, and Grade 5. AFT Fasteners is your trusted source for fastener ...


(4)Standard tightening torque. 40. 2-5 Tolerance of Tightening Torque. Tolerance of tightening torque. 42. 2-6 Tightening of Tension Stability.


TIGHTENING TORQUES FOR IMPERIAL (U.S.) BOLTS of yield strength (Sy). IMPÉRIAL ... TIGHTENING TORQUE in Lbs·ft. Multiply by 1.356 to obtain N*m.


standards include separate specifications for fine threads. The. UN fine thread standard ... relation between the clamping force and the tightening torque.


Tighten plastic insert or crimped steel-type lock nuts to approximately 50 percent of the dry torque shown in the chart, applied to the nut, no to the bolt head ...


TORQUE-TENSION RELATIONSHIP FOR A307A, GRADE 5, 8 & 9 BOLTS. Locknut Size. Threads per inch. Steel Hex Locknut. Steel Hex Flange Nut. Grade C. FNL Grade 9.