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May 10, 2014 ... DVRs are driving sales of antennas for Channel Master, says Joe Bingochea, the firm's executive vice president for product development. "We're the only company that makes a standalone DVR for over-the-air TV that does not require a subscription." Cord-cutters have made antennas cool again, he says.


6 days ago ... Looking for the best digital video recorders (DVR)? CNET editors' review of the best digital video recorders includes product photos and video and user reviews.


Get subscription free cable and cut the cord today. Read about a dvr without subscription solution using hd antennas to cut your cable bill today!


Standalone security DVRs are digital video recorders that have been specifically designed for video security applications. These versatile stand alone CCTV DVR systems offer the robust performance you would normally find in expensive, custom-built digital video recorders, but in a lightweight, affordable package.


If you're wrestling with which digital video recorder (DVR) will help you achieve your surveillance-monitoring goals, a basic understanding of the differences will help. It can be difficult to choose between a standalone (embedded) and PC- based DVR. The older of the two systems is the standalone DVR. “A standalone ...


DVR Recorders – PC Based vs. Standalone. Whenever the same thing is available in different forms, people get confused while purchasing them. If you are one of those who people who are confused as which DVR to choose, you need to look deep into your requirements as for what applications or use you want DVR.


Dec 4, 2017 ... Here are the best DVR boxes, ranked by their storage size, 4K video capability, input and output options, and customer service.


Forum discussion: Are there any DVR (Digital Video Recorder) Boxes to record on you can buy WITHOUT a monthly (or yearly) charge? In other words, a box (** New OR Used**) that would have audio / video inputs and outputs and let you record shows/movies on a Hard drive.


Should I use a StandAlone DVR or PCI Capture Card Using a Computer with a Capture Card PC Based DVR. Requires some computer experience. There is more set-up work and expense required - such as...... You usually need to buy a computer and pay for a copy of Windows. Then you will need to buy a DVR Capture ...


This SeqCam Standalone DVR is an advanced 8 channels H.264 smart DVR that allows you to access it remotely from both the internet via Internet Explorer. And select 3G/4G smart phones including your iPhone, Android and select Blackberry Models. This DVR is packed with features like motion activated recording, real ...