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The different types of stairs include box, cap, double cap, winder and open. There are also bullnose stairs that work as part of a staircase. Different types of stairs are identified by their tread, riser and nosing.


A rug or the carpet goes up and down the stairs without moving because it is able to be placed on the stairs. This is an example of a riddle.


To build a set of stairs, calculate its rise and run, cut stringers according to the calculations and install them, then attach the treads and risers to the stringers. Building stairs is fairly straightforward, with just a few design choices that builders need to consider before starting.


Building a set of stairs requires accurate math calculations and compliance with local building codes. Know the required vertical and horizontal distance for the staircase before beginning construction.


Calculator.net's stair calculator, EZ Stairs Calculator, and MyCarpentry.com's stair calculator are some free online stair calculators. Each website offers free tips and visual diagrams to assist with the calculations.


Stair lifts are available for straight or curved flights of stairs and for use indoors or outdoors. Models are available with or without seats. Standard stair lifts are intended for people weighing up to about 300 pounds, and heavy-duty models accommodate larger individuals who weigh 500 to 600 poun


Sliding stairs pull down from the ceiling via a pull-chain attached to the access door built into the attic floor. The stairs may be released once the door is down by lifting the bottom out of the latch securing them in place. This allows the stairs to slide all the way to the floor.


Wood stair parts are available at major home improvement stores such as Lowes and Home Depot. Local hardware and lumber supply stores also carry parts but selection can be more limited than at a larger store.


A flight of stairs simply means the number of uninterrupted stairs between floors or landings, so the number of steps in a flight can vary. It depends on a building's size, the space between floors and the type of building itself.


The average flight of stairs contains 12 steps. For a person weighing between 150 and 160 pounds, climbing one flight of stairs three times per day burns approximately 15 calories, according to the Health Sciences Center of the University of New Mexico.