According to the British Stainless Steel Association, thousands of applications use stainless steel in household, commercial and industrial settings. Domestic uses for stainless steel range from razor blades and knives a... More » Business & Finance Industries Manufacturing

Uses for stainless steel barrels include storage and shipping for chemicals, pharmaceutical and food products. Stainless steel barrels are also increasingly more popular in the production and storage of wine. More » Home & Garden Outdoor

Merits of boxes that are made of stainless steel include that they don't develop rust easily, they are difficult to bend or destroy, and stainless steel boxes and the process of their production are not harmful to the en... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Building Materials
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Liquid steel works as a very tough yet elastic material by having its metal atoms tightly-packed but randomly arranged in an amorphous matrix during its manufacturing process. It is an alloy that is rapidly cooled to pre... More » Business & Finance Industries Manufacturing

Cadmium plating is the process of electroplating cadmium, a soft white metal, to steel, cast iron, malleable iron, copper or powdered metal. Cadmium plating offers protection from corrosion. More » Business & Finance Industries Manufacturing

Major products that Egypt manufactures are textiles, food products, cement and other building materials, ceramics, paper products, furniture, pharmaceuticals, steel, iron, aluminum, automobiles, and oil-based products su... More » Business & Finance Industries Manufacturing

Mild steel, also known as low carbon steel, is made from iron, sulfur, phosphorus, manganese and carbon. This type of steel is widely used for machined parts, non-critical components in tool and die sets and for parts th... More » Business & Finance Industries Manufacturing