Polish stainless steel by cleaning the surface with mild detergent, applying glass cleaner to get rid of fingerprints and buffing out scratches with stainless steel cleaner. You need warm water, dishwashing liquid, a cle... More » Home & Garden Cleaning

Good Housekeeping conducted a review of stainless steel cleaners on the market as of 2015, and concluded that two brands, Stainless Steel Magic Aerosol and Weiman Stainless Steel Spray, are the most effective. Both produ... More » Home & Garden Cleaning Cleaning Products

Make homemade stainless steel cleaner by filling a new spray bottle with undiluted distilled vinegar, according to Spray the stainless steel, and wipe the surface dry with a soft cloth. The vinegar removes any... More » Home & Garden Cleaning Cleaning Products
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To clean a stainless steel backsplash, use baby oil, glass cleaner or a mild detergent to remove the grime and dirt off the backsplash. Then, wipe the backsplash using a dry piece of cloth to remove any remaining residue... More » Home & Garden Cleaning

In order to repair scratches on stainless steel appliances, use a commercial "scratch eraser" or sand the steel surface and fill the scratches with rubbing compound. To complete the repair by sanding, purchase a sanding ... More » Home & Garden Appliances

The purpose of a stainless steel sink grid is to protect the surface of the sink from scratches from knives and utensils and to allow dishes, glassware and utensils to drip dry into the sink. Sink grids also free counter... More »

Stainless steel can usually be cleaned using warm water, states Tougher dirt sometimes requires a mild detergent. Glass cleaner works on fingerprints, while stainless steel cleaner is generally recommended for... More » Home & Garden Cleaning