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Understanding Stages of Coma Three stages of coma Often lumped under the label of “Coma” are three stages of disordered consciousness. Disorders of Consciousness (DOC) are a set of disorders that effect a person’s ability to be awake. DOC includes coma, the vegetative state (VS) and the minimally conscious state (MCS).


There is no set pattern of recovery from coma, but there are signs that may mean improvement (coming out of a coma). Signs of coming out of a coma include being able to keep their eyes open for longer and longer periods of time and being awakened from “sleep” easier—at first by pain (pinch), then by touch (like gently shaking of their ...


Normally patients will gradually come out of the coma, progressing through the coma scales and re-acquiring basic movements and responses, though in other cases they may progress to a vegetative state. The prognosis for coma or a vegetative state depends on the cause, the location and the severity of the brain damage that has caused the coma.


A coma is a prolonged state of unconsciousness. During a coma, a person is unresponsive to his or her environment. The person is alive and looks like he or she is sleeping. However, unlike in a ...


According to Stephanie Watson for HowStuffWorks, patients come out of comas in a variety of ways, and the signs they exhibit vary from one person to the next. Patients who lapsed into a coma because of a drug overdose or diabetes often emerge from their coma relatively suddenly once their body chemistry returns to normal.


A traumatic Brain Injury survivor might go through different and sometimes upsetting stages of recovery. Physical Needs: Like a new-born baby, the survivor might wake up in the night, put things in their mouths, have problems knowing when they need to use the toilet and struggle with balance. It takes time for normal functions to come back.


The 10 answers to the 10 most frequently asked questions when your loved one isn’t “waking up “ after an induced coma! Again, coming out of the induced coma and off the ventilator/ respirator after more than 72 hours of ventilation and an induced coma might be a little bit more difficult, because as a rule of thumb, the longer ventilation ...


How fast a person comes out of a coma depends on what caused it and the severity of the damage to the brain. If the cause was a metabolic problem such as diabetes, and doctors treat it with medication, he can come out of the coma relatively quickly.


Dealing with waking up from an induced coma . ... Hi Deborah, my partner also suffered coming out of his induced coma, he spent 7 weeks in ICU, he to suffered whilst trying to awake his personality was totally not him, to cut a long story short we had a meeting with his ICU Dr, a translator ( language was also a problem) and myself the Dr ...


The patient's confusion may lead to yelling, swearing, biting, or striking out. Do not be alarmed if soft wrist and ankle ties are used to protect the patient and prevent tubes from being pulled out.It is very important to remember this stage is a step toward recovery and this behavior is not intentional. Stage 4: Higher level responses