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The website of Martin County sheriff's office provides mug shots of inmates incarcerated in the county jail. Mugshots.com, a search engine website for booking photos and arrest records, also publishes the mug shots of arrestees from Martin County Jail and other prison and jail facilities in the Unit


The Sheriff's Office of Jackson County, Oregon, publishes inmate information, including arrest mugshots, on its website at jacksoncountyor.org. The website is free to use and includes the inmate's name, charges, bail amount, arresting agency, lodging date and release dates if applicable. Inmate reco


You can view Florida mugshots online at websites such as Arrest.org, which allows you to search through mugshots categorized by state, and you can also search on the website for the sheriff's office of specific counties, such as Pinellas County.


The Fulton County Jail in Atlanta, Georgia, provides a searchable online database of inmates, which includes mug shots, that is accessible to citizens by entering either the inmate's last name and first name or booking number. However, inmate files prior to 2001 do not contain digital photographs.


Some sources of mugshots include jail and newspaper websites, according to the Linn County Sheriff's Office and The Courier-Tribune websites. Depending on the site, individuals can search by arrest date to view the desired time period.


Mugshots of criminals apprehended in Faulkner County, Arkansas, are available on Faulknercountybooked.com. The website allows visitors to search by race, name, gender and city within Faulkner County. The Faulkner County Sheriff's Office provides arrest intake records, which are considered records in


Mugshots.com, a search engine for booking photos and arrest records in the United States, provides an online listing of Pennsylvania mug shots. The site takes the mugshots and records from the inmate rosters of county sheriff's offices and from the blotter logs of local and state police departments.


The Georgia Department of Corrections website provides search tools for county jails and state prisons. The search tools offer several fields in which to enter information for customized searches. Arrests.org features mugshot searches that return custody dates, locations, criminal charges, names of


Fulton County Jail does not show mugshots online, so anyone looking for mugshots should call the jail at (404) 613-2000 to get more information. In some cases, mugshots can be published in news stories or on social media online, so try searching the person's name on Mugshots.com.


The length of time that police keep mugshots on files varies by jurisdiction, the type of crime and whether the person arrested is convicted. As part of the official police record of an arrest, mugshots are retained for at least as long as those records.