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Many people have the mistaken idea that St. Augustine “needs shade.” The truth is that St. Augustine, like other grasses, grows best in full sunlight.


Jan 9, 2020 ... Grass for Shaded Areas? Try St. Augustine. Certain cultivars of St. Augustine Grass are the most shade-tolerant species of the warm-season ...


There is a common misconception that St Augustine will grow in shade. St Augustine will survive in partial shade, but it needs a minimum of 4 or more hours of ...


Nov 11, 2020 ... How to get grass to grow in the shade has been a problem for homeowners ... grasses are the norm, St. Augustine grass seems to perform best.


Mar 25, 2021 ... Raleigh St. Augustine. Raleigh St. Augustine sod is an excellent shade tolerant variety for those who prefer a dark green color grass with a ...


Oct 18, 2017 ... What are some tolerant St. Augustine grasses? The ones that we carry have some shade tolerance — Raleigh St. Augustine, and Palmetto St.


May 19, 2021 ... Augustine does really, really well in the shade. St. Augustine's generally do really well in the shade, but not all St. Augustine's are shade tolerant.


Jun 29, 2013 ... Augustine is the most shade tolerant. Palmetto is generally considered one of the more shade tolerant cultivars of St. Augustine. Try sodding this ...


St. Augustinegrass growing in a shady area of a lawn. Figure 1. St. Augustinegrass planted in a shady lawn in McComb, Mississippi. St. Augustinegrass is ...


If it is deep/constant shade you can't grow St Augustine there. If it is getting some sun or dappled sunlight then the best thing to do is cut your grass as tall as your ...


Shade Tolerant St. Augustinegrass Varieties. A cultivar is a specific kind of grass within a species. For example, Floratam and Palmetto® St. Augustine are both St.