During a squatting birth, a woman squats during labor, supporting herself by holding onto her partner, the bed or a squatting bar, or by using a special stool, according to Robin Elise Weiss for Squatting work... More »

To speed up labor, BabyCentre recommends urinating to keep the bladder empty so that it does not impede the baby's movement down the birth canal. A woman can also take walks and remain active to try and increase the inte... More »

A pregnant woman can prepare herself for giving birth by finding a doctor for the baby, talking to her partner, talking to other moms about birth, learning about labor pains and stocking a bag with all the essentials, st... More »

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Labor and delivery gowns are hospital gowns that are worn by women during labor and after they have given birth. However, birthing gowns today that are fashionable substitutes can also be obtained online. More »

The purpose of a birth plan is to provide the doctor with a patient's preferences regarding the type of labor, delivery and postnatal care, Babycenter explains. The plan often includes preferences like having a home or h... More »

Benefits of giving birth at home include delivering a baby in a relaxed environment surrounded with preferred company and the ability to freely move around when in labor. Additionally, a home birth enables a woman to con... More »

During labor, a woman's cervix slowly widens, known as dilation, and contractions occur every five to 20 minutes, lasting about 60 seconds, the March of Dimes Foundation states. The length, intensity and frequency of the... More »