The square root of 2 is approximately 1.41. Like all square roots of nonperfect square numbers, the square root of 2 is an irrational number, so the decimal never ends and never falls into a repeating pattern. More » Math Exponents

The product of 2 and 4 square root of 2 is 11.313708499, or 11.31 if rounded to nearest hundredths. The key to solving this problem is to know the correct order of operations, "PEMDAS" for parentheses, exponents, multipl... More » Math Algebra

The square root of 67 is exactly 8.18535277187245 based on calculator computations. This is typically rounded off to 8.19 for simplicity in using the value in any given math equation. More » Math Arithmetic
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The square root of negative one is "i," the imaginary number. This concept is immensely useful in mathematics, as it allows for there to be square roots of negative numbers, which is otherwise not possible using only rea... More » Math Exponents

A rational exponent is an exponent written as a fraction, such as 31/2, which is also equal to the square root of three. With a rational exponent, the numerator indicates the power that the base number is raised to and t... More » Math Exponents

The square root of 81 is 9. However, if a student needs to solve the equation  x2 = 81, then possible solutions can be either +9 or -9.  More » Math Exponents

The square root of 39 is 6.24. The square root of any number can be determined by plugging it into the equation x times x equals y. When solving this formula to find the square root of 39, the formula is 6.24 times 6.24 ... More » Math Exponents