The square root of 30 is 5.47. To determine the square root, plug the numbers into the formula x times x equals y, where x is the square root of y. Plugging in the number 30 gives the equation 5.47 times 5.47 equals 30. More »

The square root of 78 is 8.83 and can be found by using the radical function on a calculator. The square root formula for 78 can be expressed as 8.83 times 8.83 equals 78. More »

The square root of 39 is 6.24. The square root of any number can be determined by plugging it into the equation x times x equals y. When solving this formula to find the square root of 39, the formula is 6.24 times 6.24 ... More »

The square root of 61 is 7.81. A squared number means that number is multiplied by itself. The square root is the opposite. It indicates the number, when multiplied by itself, equals the first number. More » Math Exponents

The cube root of 250 is 6.29. The cube root of a number, x, is equal to the number, y, such that y times y times y equals x. For the number 250, 6.29 times 6.29 times 6.29 is equal to 250. More »

To find the square root of 101, the square root of the number needs to be divided into several different numbers; three should be placed on top of the square root symbol nine should be put underneath the 10 part of the n... More »

The square root of 12 is 3.46, rounded to two decimal places. The square root is written as 2 times the square root of 3, in its simplest form. The function may be performed on most calculators by hitting the square root... More »