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This calculator asks for the area, material, and geographic location, convert square feet into roofing squares.


Use our snow load calculator to calculate your roof load capacity. ... You can also find the load per square meter or square foot of roofing by opening the ...


There are various types of roofing calculator as well as roofing calculator software in the market which are applied to obtain roof estimate by square footage.


This construction calculator provides cut lengths for metal roofing panels based upon building width, length, and overhang.


Roof Calculation - Roofing Squares on your house: A roofing square is equal to 100 square feet. Reinke Shake LT's.


A similar calculation based on a smaller 1300 square foot roof brings the cost down to $26.61 per sq ft. You can calculate a more accurate roof cost ...


Multiply height by width to get that side's surface area in square feet. Add side measurements and enter them here. Total sq ft. Measure Additional ...


Mar 25, 2015 ... This roofing calculator estimates roof pitch, the area of your house ... the roof base, rise, length and the assumed cost per square feet of ...


Each “square” is equal to one hundred square feet. In most cases, the general cost per ... TPO Roofing Cost Calculator - Mass-Tech Roofing and Building Co.


Easily estimate the amount of Henry Pro-Grade roof coating you'll need for your next project in 6 simple steps. 1. Enter project square footage sq/ft.


Our Roof Cost Calculator provides you a FREE roof estimate by simply providing your ZIP code, Square Footage, the pitch of your roof, what kind of materials ...