Sprint claims to offer thousands of various call tones to its customers. The company also updates its call tones daily to offer the newest music available as of 2016. More »

A ringback tone, as offered by Sprint and other cell phone carriers, is a tune played for the person calling another person, and it is easily installed on most mobile phones. Instead of the "ringing" sound commonly heard... More »

Sprint offers its Sprint Family Locator service allowing users to track family members as well as users from separate plans for a fee added to the customers monthly payments. The Sprint Family Locator is available throug... More »

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New and current Sprint mobile customers can reach customer service by calling 866-866-7509 as of 2015. Customers trying to reach Sprint to discuss landlines can contact the company by calling 800-366-2255. More »

In order to apply for service with Sprint, customers need to visit a physical Sprint store or the Sprint website to select a phone model and service plan. To receive a discount on the phone price, a customer needs to pro... More »

The Pay As You Go plan is Sprint's prepaid cellular phone service that allows customers to pay monthly without signing an annual contract. Sprint's prepaid plans feature unlimited talk and text and no late fees, as of Ju... More »

Sprint offers existing customers the option and comfort of browsing through deals at the “My Sprint” section on their website, and the “Sprint Zone” app available on all smartphones for existing customers. Together these... More »