Sign in to My Sprint via the My Sprint tab located on the right side of the homepage, as of 2015. Click on the tab to produce a dropdown window with account management options. After selecting an option, you a... More » Technology Internet & Networking

A typical wind sprint exercise consists of jogging, sprinting very fast for a short period of time and then returning to a jog. After recovering from the first sprint, the athlete then sprints again and repeats the patte... More » Health Fitness & Exercise Exercise

According to, as of June 2014, Sprint's slogan is "framily." The term "framily" refers to friends, family and other people a person knows. This advertising campaign was announced in January 2014. More » Technology Mobile
similar articles allows you to verify an eligible Sprint discount. Customers also have the option of verifying a discount by visiting a Sprint retail store or calling 1-866-639-8354. When verifying online, you’ll need to click... More » Technology Mobile

The easiest way to find out if Sprint is running promotions is to check the Promotions page at TechBargains is another website to where you can look for a variety of Sprint promotion codes and coupon codes. More » Technology Mobile

The easiest way to see the latest cell phones from Sprint is to check out their online store at It shows all of the current phones available on the Sprint network. More » Technology Mobile

Contact Sprint customer service for cellphone problems by calling 844-665-6327 or by using the live chat feature on the company website at, as of 2015. You can access live chat from the home page by clicking o... More » Technology Mobile