To winterize a sprinkler system, turn the system's water supply and controller off, and remove the backglow prevent and anti-siphon valves. Use an air compressor to blow the water out of each valve in the system beginnin... More »

Use the Toro sprinkler system by installing the accompanying satellites and connection systems to an existing irrigation network and linking it to the Sentinel management software or a localized control panel. This progr... More »

As of 2015, Hunter sprinkler systems can be purchased through local Hunter Industries distributors or online through sites, such as Sprinkler Warehouse. Those needing one of Hunter's professional sprinkler systems can us... More »

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Prepare an underground sprinkler system for winter by shutting off the water supply, draining excess water from the system, and preparing valves and controllers. The three draining methods are automatic, manual and blow ... More »

To locate sprinkler valves, locate the sprinkler system's controller, disconnect the wire of the first terminal, and connect it to the wire ringer of the locator. Walk on the lawn holding the locator, and mark the spots ... More »

To install a fire sprinkler system, first decide whether a stand-alone or multiuse sprinkler system is to be installed based on the home's water supply. Plan and set the pipe layout for the system, install all fixtures a... More »

Orbit Irrigation Products, Inc. offers manuals for a variety of its sprinkler valves online at Customers can search or browse for their specific models and download manuals in PDF format. More »