Spray painting is easy. Simply clean, sand and prime the surface as necessary before evenly coating it with paint. Use a sweeping motion while spraying, moving left to right or up and down to give the surface an even, sm... More »

When using spray paint, how evenly the paint goes on depends largely on surface preparation, the location, spraying method and drying times. All of these variances work together and ultimately can be the difference betwe... More »

To spray paint a car's interior and its parts, remove most parts from the interior, including the air conditioner, radio, dashboard, seats and anything else that is removable. Clean and strip previous paint with sandpape... More »

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Paint metal surfaces with anti-rust enamel or multipurpose enamel paint, followed by an anti-rust enamel top coat. Bare metal surfaces should be free of rust, dirt and grease before priming and painting. More »

Roof painting is dangerous if proper safety precautions are not followed. Workers falling from roofs cause 39.9 percent of construction-related fatalities, according to a 2014 report by the Occupational Health and Safety... More »

Spray foam insulation is a type of home insulation that is sprayed between rafters and wall joists, as opposed to rolls of fiberglass placed between them. Spray foam is available in two types: open and closed cell. More »

Spray booths, sometimes referred to as paint booths, are pressure-controlled enclosures used to spray paint objects, most often automobiles. These structures use pressurized paint guns and compressed air and tubing while... More »