Skateboarding is considered an extreme freestyle sport with limits that are based on the imagination and athletic ability of the person riding the skateboard. A sport is defined as an activity involving physical exertion... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle

Notable BMX and skateboarding games include ?Tony Hawk?s Pro Skater,? ?Matt Hoffman?s Pro BMX? and ?Skate,? according to Red Bull. These popular extreme sports games all received strong reviews and praise from gamers. More » Hobbies & Games Video & Online Games

Parents and guardians of kids who are not interested in team sports can encourage their children to get involved with a variety of other physical activities. These could include group classes for sports like dance and ma... More » Health Fitness & Exercise
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Although the procedure likely varies among different schools and states, organizing a new sports team at a high school usually requires asking permission from a person or group with authority at the school to add the spo... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle

You can make turns on a skateboard by shifting your weight to the balls or heels of your feet while riding it. Sharper turns can be made by popping the front wheels up and pointing the board in the direction you want to ... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle

A penny board is a small, lightweight-plastic skateboard that can be used to perform tricks like a wooden or vinyl skateboard, but it has larger cruising wheels like a longboard. Ben Mackay of Penny Australia created the... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle

A skateboard car is a small motorized vehicle about the size of a laptop computer. The device can be controlled without hands when an individual stands on it and shifts her weight in the desired direction. More » Sports & Active Lifestyle