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A sports agent is a legal representative (hence agent) for professional sports figures such as athletes and coaches.They procure and negotiate employment and endorsement contracts for the athlete or coach whom they represent. Because of the unique characteristics of the sports industry, sports agents are responsible for communications with team owners, managers, and other individuals.


Nearly 25 sports agents across player/coaching representation, marketing and media weighed in with their thoughts about how the agency business has evolved over the past five years and where it is ...


Rapper Jay-Z's creation of sports agency RocNation is further testament to the allure of working in the sports industry, even for entertainment megastars.


Sports agents come from many different educational backgrounds, whether that be in sports, law or business. Agents must also be mindful of the various licensing and certification procedures in the sports agent industry. They key to becoming a sports agent is to determine which path is right for you.


Twenty years ago, "Jerry Maguire" tried to warn us about the dangers of the sports agency industry. A generation of would-be agents didn't listen.


Sports Agents – History and Law Historically speaking, most sports agents recognize the inception of the profession stemming from the work of several individuals during the 1960’s. However, sports agency can actually be traced back to 1925 when Red Grange hired an agent to negotiate his professional football contract.


The sports industry is growing, both in a global sense and a purely economic one, which means more opportunities exist for sports agents than ever before. Now is the time for you to make your move and become a sports agent.


Tom Cruise’s role as Jerry Maguire in the 1996 movie by the same name helped glamorize the sports management industry. “Show me the money!” became a popular catchphrase, which summed up the responsibilities of this fictional sports agent in a neat package.


As sports industry salaries have skyrocketed, today's professional athletes and executives require more personalized services from a wide variety of professionals such as Financial Advisors, Insurance Agents, Marketing Executives, Real-Estate Brokers, Trainers and Nutritionists, and many others.


Sports agents represent athletes in professional negotiations for contracts, salaries, endorsements, appearances and other business agreements. ... according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Average earnings can vary by location, however. The industry’s highest earners mostly reside in California, New York and Florida. The lowest ...