The purpose of the spoils system in American politics of the 19th century was to ensure a partisan power base for office holders and reward political party allies, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. By purging pol... More »

Andrew Jackson's spoils system was a deliberate policy after he became president to remove federal employees he considered to be political opponents and replace them with his own supporters. The term justifying Jackson's... More »

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The word "nonpartisan," sometimes written "non-partisan," means not biased, particularly toward a political party. In order to curtail the influence of political parties, the United States holds nonpartisan local electio... More »

A plank is a political party's declarations regarding the candidates' opinions, goals and plans for addressing the important issues in society. Planks are used to clearly define a party platform, and they help voters hav... More »

To change your political party registration, fill out a new voter registration form, and select a new political party. Then, submit the voter registration form online, by mail or in person. More » Government & Politics Politics Elections

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