Spirit Airlines is a low-cost airline that operates throughout the Americas and provides unbundled ticket fares that cover the cost of travel and carry-on luggage under the seat. As of April 2015, the airline operates mo... More »

Spirit Airlines has a 1.5- out of five-star rating at as of March 2015. According to 468 reviews, many customers experience delayed or cancelled flights, poor customer service and costly hidden fees when flying ... More »

Spirit Airlines allows up to five checked bags 40 pounds or less and 62 linear inches or less for the standard bag fee. Luggage larger or heavier incurs an additional overweight or oversized fee, with a maximum weight of... More »

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To find information about a reservation on Spirit Airlines, a passenger visits the airline's website, The customer accesses the reservation information by clicking the Manage Travel tab. A box appears where t... More »

A traveler can confirm a Spirit Airlines flight by clicking the Manage Travel link on the airline's website. The traveler needs the confirmation code included in the confirmation email he received when he booked the flig... More »

Spirit Airlines is a budget airline offering flights throughout the United States, Canada, the Caribbean and Latin America. Its main operating airports are at Fort Lauderdale, Chicago, Detroit, Dallas and Las Vegas. Spir... More »

The Spirit Airlines $9 Fare Club is the airline's membership program, which gives members discounts on items such as fares and luggage fees. As of 2015, the program requires a yearly fee to join and remain an active memb... More »