According to Mayo Clinic, spider bites are often itchy and produce a red, raised bump at the site of the bite. A spider bite should be cleaned using warm soapy water, and a cold ice pack can be applied to the area to red... More »

Diagnosing a spider bite is difficult because confirmation requires an eye witness to the bite, exclusion of other causes and expert identification of the spider, notes Mayo Clinic. Multiple conditions can also appear si... More »

Of the spider species commonly seen in homes, only a few are reported to bite. In fact, researchers have demonstrated that over 80 percent of suspected spider bites are attributable to other insects, ticks or disease. More »

Within hours, brown recluse spider bites may cause severe pain and swelling, blisters with a red ring and blue center, itchy rashes, ulcerations or pimple-like contusions with green or yellow pus, advises Othe... More » Health Insect & Animal Bites

The site of a wolf spider bite is somewhat swollen and red. Upon closer inspection, puncture wounds or a tear mark are visible from the fangs. Rarely, some necrosis of the skin occurs around the bite. Necrotic tissue is ... More »

Symptoms of a brown recluse spider bite include itching of the skin, pain and a blister at the bite site that gradually ulcerates, according to WebMD. In certain cases, the bites do not cause immediate discomfort, so an ... More »

According to the Mayo Clinic, a typical deer tick bite looks like a small red bump. This appearance is normal and does not suggest any further problem; however, certain additional symptoms often indicate Lyme disease. More »