Mountain Rose Herbs, The Spice House and The Great American Spice Co. sell spices online. The stores also carry herbs, culinary salts, special blends and oils. More »

Old Spice produces deodorant, bar soap, body wash, body spray and hair care items. Old Spice also offers shave gel, after shave, trimmers and shavers. Items are available online through or in retail stores n... More »

Stores that carry McCormick spices include, Target and Walmart. Customers can purchase spices online from each of these retailers, or browse the selections in-person at Target and Walmart stores. More »

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Durkee spices are available at local retailers such as K-Mart and Sam's Club. A consumer can find stores that sell Durkee spices by checking the online available Durkee products through as well as the retailer... More »

Examples of retailers that carry J.R. Watkins spices include Cracker Barrel, Target, Whole Foods and Menards, as of 2015. A larger list of retailers that sell J.R. Watkins spices is available online at More »

As of 2015, some of the products from Costco stores can be purchased online through the retailer's website. Customers can find the available product categories on the home page. More »

The Kate Spade online store sells clothing and accessories for women and girls. Other Items include fragrances, handbags, eyewear, jewelry, shoes, swimwear and home decor. More »