Sites like 123teachme and studyspanish both offer free language learning materials to help beginners learn Spanish. These websites provide students with basic grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary lessons along with quiz... More » Education

Spanish can be learned at most universities and high schools; furthermore, numerous online language courses exist. Though online classes are often a poor substitute for having someone actually speak the language with you... More » Education

The best way to learn Spanish is by speaking the language. Students can practice by speaking to others or can start out by speaking to themselves. A great tool is finding a native speaker to use as a conversation partner... More »

Spanish is one of the easiest languages for English speakers to learn, even if they have never learned another language. English and Spanish share the same alphabet, along with several hundred cognates, which are words d... More » Education

Major topics covered on beginner Spanish tests include grammar, language function, pronunciation and vocabulary. Grammar is the set of rules that dictate how speakers form words and sentences in all natural languages, wh... More » Education

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A wide array of online resources are dedicated to English speakers learning Spanish. Three of the most well-known Spanish learning sites are Duolingo, and Fluencia. More » Education