The most widely used textbooks for Spanish 1 classes are Barron's "Mastering Spanish Vocabulary," Barron's "501 Spanish Verbs," and Barron's "Spanish Grammar." These are guides to every aspect of learning the Spanish lan... More » Education

As of 2016, popular Harcourt school science textbooks include the California Science and the HSP Science series of textbooks. Each series has books for kindergarten as well as for each grade level, from grades one to six... More » Education

Spanish textbooks are available online at or, as of 2015. Some of the textbooks available on are available in Kindle form, which some buyers may prefer. The cost ranges from as littl... More » Education
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The Spanish word "tapicería" literally translates to "upholstery" in English. It refers to a person who works in the upholstery trade but can also mean an upholstery store. More » Education

SpongeBob SquarePants' name in Spanish is "Bob Esponja Pantalones Cuadrados." The Nickelodeon cartoon has been dubbed for Spanish and Latin American audiences since its first season in 1999. More » Education

"The watchtower" translates to Spanish as "la atalaya." Alternative translations include "la torre de observación," "la torre de vigilancia" or "la garita," although this latter term also refers to a gate or sentry box. More » Education

The English preposition "to" is usually translated to Spanish as "a," while the English preposition "from" is usually translated to Spanish as "de." Other translations are available depending on the context. More » Education