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Space Stars Finale (1 segment, 7 minutes) The cartoons would occasionally cross over into one another. Space Ghost and The Herculoids both had their own respective series in the 1960s. Teen Force and Space Ace and the Space Mutts are both new segments, although the Astro character was the family dog from The Jetsons.


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An artist's rendering shows a neutron star —located 50,000 light-years from Earth—that flared up so brightly in December 2004 that it temporarily blinded all the x-ray satellites in space and ...


With Michael Bell, Keene Curtis, Richard Erdman, Virginia Gregg. The show was made up of four different cartoon segments, these being: Space Ghost, The Herculoids, Teen Force, and Astro and the Space Mutts.


(Microwave emissions are generally used to probe the young universe's origins, but they are occasionally used to study stars.) In 1990, the first space-based optical telescope, the Hubble Space ...


Space Stars was an animated action series produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions and premiered on NBC on September 12, 1981. It marked the return of Space Ghost (whose series debuted in 1966 ...


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Space Star Finale Space Stars End Credits How sad that Boomerang couldn't air the entire series in it's hour long format, and how sad that this series was split up into different segments over the years. While this show was made in 1980, the show's end credits is copyrighted 1981, and contains the 1979 version of the HB swirling star. If you ...


Astro and the Space Mutts, another new show, teamed "Rastro" with doofus Cosmo and short-tempered Dipper, fighting crime under the direction of their human boss, Space Ace. At the end of each show, the various stars would join forces for the Space Stars Finale, an explosive climax which pitted our heroes against a variety of interstellar baddies.