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To find the right cover for a spa, carefully measure the spa's dimensions so that the cover fits snugly. Spa covers feature a variety of options, like thickness, materials and stitching, and a variety of price points so the owner must prioritize essential features based on their preferences and budg


Remove a spa by draining the water, disconnecting the electrical connections, turning the tub on its side, attaching four-by-four posts to each corner, and carrying it to a low trailer. Enlist the help of several others in carrying the heavy and bulky tub.


Coming up with a good business name for a spa requires brainstorming, and one brainstorming method is to write down any names that comes to mind and select the best options. Using an online business name generator tool such as the one featured at Shopify's website is another method. Online domain na


Hair spa is a conditioning treatment used to remedy dandruff, scalp aging, mental stress, dull and frizzy hair, and hair impurities. Hair spas also deep condition, thicken the hair, normalize oil secretion and rehydrate hair. They can be administered in a salon or home.


Examples of spa business names include Avalon Salon & Spa, Awaken Wellness & Rejuvenation, Blue Harbor, Contour Day Spa and Eden Day Spa. Other names include La Bella Spa, Le Spa, Lotus Center, Oasis Day Spa and Perfecta Spa.


Recommended spa treatments are dependent on the goal of the person visiting a spa; for instance, body treatments are recommended for people interested in fitness, according to the International SPA and Fitness Association. While massages are good for relaxation, many spas off other services that cat


Tips for affordable spa treatments include bundling several treatments, signing up for newsletters, going during off-peak times, and finding specials online through sites like Groupon, Living Social or Spa Addicts. Some spas also offer loyalty discounts or referral rewards for repeat customers.


According to Good Housekeeping, Trim Spa does carry with it some potential health risks. Good Housekeeping states that the diet pill includes the ingredient ma huang extract, also known as ephedra; this powerful stimulant has been connected to several detrimental health issues and cases of death.


Thi Spa and Nails offers manicure, pedicure, waxing, facial and massage services, as of 2016. The spa also offers threading, eyebrow and eyelash tints, and various add-on services. The spa serves both men and women.


To repair a spa tub, first diagnose the problem. Common problems include spa tubs that just do not run, continuously move on low speed or leak. Once you have identified the problem, refer to the spa tub's user manual for self-repairs. If the manual's troubleshooting tips do not work, call a professi