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To find a nearby spa and wellness center look first to discount sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial for deals. Also search local hotels, gyms and other health locations for spa services.


The Desert Nail Spa is a nail salon in Arizona with a location in Scottsdale, AZ, as well as Phoenix. The contact information for the Scottsdale, AZ, location is: 6501 E Greenway Pkwy, Suite 102, Scottsdale, AZ, 85254. The contact information for the Phoenix, AZ, location is: 777 E Thunderbird Road,


Some recipes for home spa hair treatments include avocado conditioning masks, ripe banana masks and coconut cream masks. Since these home spa treatment recipes require the use of fresh ingredients, it is recommended to prepare them shortly before usage.


Some ways to make spa party invitations include sending sleep masks with the necessary information in the mail to the proper recipients or mailing out gift certificates for one spa evening good for one specific date and location. These invitations require felt, paper, scissors, ribbon and glue.


A detox foot spa is a product some people believe can help detoxify the entire body, including internal organs, simply by immersing feet into a salt water solution and activating an electronic stimulation system. Treatments can last from 10 minutes to an hour.


Popular occasions to give a spa week gift card include Valentine's Day, Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays, and Mother's or Father's Day. Spa week gift cards are advertised as romantic gifts for events wedding anniversaries or birthday gifts for relaxation purposes.


Transforming your ordinary bathroom into an authentic French spa-themed retreat isn't difficult or costly. The theme can be achieved by painting, decorating and accessorizing.


Book an appointment at Cloud 9 Spa Salon by clicking the Appointments tab on the Cloud 9 Spa Salon home page and choosing a service or calling 352-335-9920. Booking appointments requires credit card information to reserve and hold appointments.


Some online resources which offer coupons for the King Spa in Dallas, Texas, are the King Spa and LivingSocial websites. Coupons for the King Spa in Niles, Illinois are available at the Yipit website. The King Spa & Sauna is a day spa and Korean-style bathhouse that is suitable for all family member


On Skincare.About.com there is a review of Spa Sonic. Companies that sell Spa Sonic online, such as Walgreens and Amazon.com, feature reviews from customers who have purchased the system.