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Southern States sells a range of farm supplies for all types of farmers, including livestock equipment from a selection of trusted brands, including Sioux Steel, WW Livestock Systems, Behlen and Tarter. Southern States' farm supply products also extend to various types of fencing supplies and fencin


There are approximately 75 Big R stores scattered throughout the Southwest and the Midwest. The majority of the stores are in Colorado and Illinois, with several in New Mexico, Nevada, Indiana and Texas.


The U.S. Census Bureau identifies 16 states as part of the American South, and these states are divided into three smaller regions. The South Atlantic includes Florida, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia and Delaware. The East South Central region is composed


To locate Southern States Cooperative stores, visit Southernstates.com and click the Find a Store link at the top of the site. This opens a store locator page that allows a person to find a store by using zip code, address, city and state.


A significant portion of the world's onshore wind farms are located in the western United States and China. Europe is the leader in offshore wind farms. Most of these are located off the coasts of Belgium, Norway, Ireland and other parts of western and northern Europe.


The Farm & Home Supply website provides categorized lists of the company's products, which include clothing, farm and ranch supplies, footwear, pet supplies and sporting goods. It also provides a list of store locations and contacts, enabling customers to call and verify that a particular store carr


Old farm scales of a wide variety are most prominently available on Ebay and Etsy. Scales available on these sites range from large grain scales to table-top kitchen scales and mercantile scales.


Examples of reputable online sources for farming equipment include TractorSupply.com, AgriSupply.com, FlemingOutdoors.com, Gemplers.com and FleetFarm.com, as of 2015. Each website carries a different variety of supplies for farming.


The average annual income for a State Farm insurance agent in 2014 is $69,599. The range of income for agents is from $24,000 to $150,000, and pay is figured on a commission basis.


The location of dairy farms in North Carolina is available at FarmerDirect2You.com, RegionalDirectory.US. and Manta.com. DairyDirect2You.com hosts a list of dairy farmers statewide each with the farm’s names and the products it offers. Site visitors click on a farm and are linked to its website with