In the southern American Colonies, the wealthy dined on roast beef and many other types of meat, while the poorer classes, servants and slaves ate more humble foods, such as corn bread, greens, pork, fried chicken and or... More »

A variety of people lived in the southern colonies, including plantation owners, indentured servants and slaves. Unlike their counterparts in New England, the southern colonists were predominantly Anglican (with the exce... More »

The Southern Colonies of Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina and South Carolina were largely populated by agricultural workers, many of whom were of Scottish, Irish and German descent. They were accompanied by African sla... More »

When African slaves were brought over from Africa and sold to Americans, they were fed lard, corn meal, molasses, a bit of meat, flour, peas and other greens from their slave owners. The meals were usually given to slave... More »

Cowboys ate fresh beef, cured pork, beans, biscuits, corn bread, apples and apple-based recipes, potatoes and various greens. The cowboy diet needed to be cheap, portable, high-calorie and simple because of the many cons... More »

Some typical U.S. dishes are grilled steak, roast beef, fried chicken, meatloaf, stuffed turkey, potato salad, hamburgers, hot dogs, hot wings, yams, corn on the cob and many others. Cuisine in the United States is diffi... More »

The culture of the southern colonies was primarily agricultural and included wealthy plantation owners, smaller farmers, indentured servants and slaves who provided labor for the plantations. This predominantly rural are... More »