The "Rumble Fish" novel, by author S.E. Hinton, takes place in the late 1960s or early 1970s, during the Vietnam War. The setting is in Southern California. More »

A book's setting is the place, time and backdrop of the story. Many stories have a central setting, such as a city, town or farm, but others may have unorthodox settings, such as ship at sea or a made-up world. More »

A feminist novel is a book that supports the goal of equal rights for women. These include women's civic, economic and political rights. More »

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Instead of using the word chapters, which divides a piece of writing in a book, Charles Dickens used staves to signify that the novel was a carol in prose form. In music, a stave or staff is the series of horizontal line... More »

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A book is a set of written words or pictures on electronic or physical pages while a novel is a type of book that has a narrative structure and story. Novels are fictional, but books can be characterized as fiction or no... More »