Bears can make multiple sounds that include roars, grunts and purrs. Like most animals, bears use various noises to communicate among themselves and with other creatures. More » Pets & Animals Mammals Bears

According to a Chicago Tribune article by the Mayo Clinic, the crunching sound from a knee is called crepitus. Crepitus is caused by the rubbing of cartilage on the surface of the joint or soft tissue around the knee. If... More » Science Human Anatomy Bones

Tigers communicate with a variety of sounds, including a friendly chuff-chuff, a roar to catch the attention of fellow tigers and a hiss or huffing to invite a fight. Unlike some of the big cats like cougars, tigers do n... More » Pets & Animals Mammals Large Cats
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Bears can run up to 60 kilometers per hour, which is approximately 37 miles per hour. While there's a common myth that bears are unable to run down hill, they very much can, and their speed is generally considered one of... More » Pets & Animals Mammals Bears

The bugling sound a bull elk makes sounds like a high pitched scream interspersed with grunts. Some people have described the sound as an eerie, guttural and ghostly singing. More » Pets & Animals Mammals Deer

Bears are mammals and therefore reproduce sexually, The male deposits sperm from his penis into the vagina of the female bear. If the egg becomes fertilized, the female bear gives birth to live young. The average number ... More » Pets & Animals Mammals Bears

Practice bear safety by avoiding bears, staying calm, not running and being "human." Understanding bear behavior can help both bears and humans survive encounters in the wild. More » Pets & Animals Mammals Bears