The type of troubleshooting administered to a Sony projection television depends on the nature of the problem. When the television does not turn on, check the power cord connections, and confirm whether the main power sw... More »

Sony's website offers a Product Repair page that connects customers to authorized repair facilities. To find use this tool, visit, click Support from the main navigation bar, and then click Repair from the next ... More » Technology Television & Video

Older CRT Sony TV models may become dimmer as components such as the electron gun and the flyback transformer fail with age. These components must be replaced to restore screen brightness. Newer models have an automatic ... More » Technology Television & Video

Before contacting any professionals, users should turn the Sony television off and on again to see if the problem clears up. After this, owners should consult their television manuals to troubleshoot the television throu... More » Technology Television & Video

Checking the website of the TV manufacturer, visiting electronics or repair sites that host manuals, calling the store where you originally purchased the TV or purchasing a repair book from a bookstore or an online retai... More » Technology Television & Video

To calibrate the picture on a Sony television, you can choose from a preset setting or manually adjust brightness, contrast, sharpness and other levels. Menu navigation and available options vary by model, and you can fi... More » Technology Television & Video

Vizio products are not made by Sony; the two are separate companies. Vizio is a privately owned American electronics company that focuses on developing and manufacturing electronics for entertainment purposes. More »