To copy music onto a blank CD, download and install a CD burner software, such as CDBurnerXP, create an audio disc compilation by adding the music you want to copy, and burn the disc. Before initiating the burning proces... More » Technology Digital Storage

Some examples of romantic songs are "Endless Love," "God Only Knows," "Try a Little Tenderness," "I'll Make Love to You" and "Wonderful World." Other romantic songs are "How Deep Is Your Love" and "I Say a Little Prayer.... More » Art & Literature

Depending on the size of the game, a CD, data CD or data DVD can be used to burn the program. It is not possible to make copies of all games due to the copyright laws in place, but many games allow back-up copies to be m... More » Technology Digital Storage
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To copy music and video files from one disc to another, use burner software such as CDBurnerXP to create a temporary disc image, and transfer the files to an empty disc. To transfer the files directly without using a dis... More » Technology Digital Storage

The number of minutes on a blank CD varies according to size, but a standard 12-centimeter blank CD has either 74 or 80 minutes available. For an 8-centimeter blank CD, 21 minutes is the industry standard. More » Technology Digital Storage

To format a DVD-RW disc in Windows 7, insert the disc into the DVD burner, initiate a burning process via Windows Explorer, and select the desired formatting option. Before formatting the disc, erase the content via Wind... More » Technology Digital Storage

It is not possible to format a CD-R disc. However, you can format CD-RW discs by using the built-in formatting tools in Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. More » Technology Digital Storage