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Addresses can be looked up from a number of places (that I will talk about below). You can use a name and street name to find previous addresses. Find Old Addresses Online . How to find previous addresses, that is the question. As I stated above, there are a number of options to use when trying to find addresses.


I went to Credit Karma because I need to prove an address from 25 years ago. Only showed my current address since November 1997, and the address before that. ... I need my previous address history for the past 10 years ... when someone ask you where theire previous address address is and how to find it you need to give step by step instrustions ...


Your annual income tax filing includes the address you filed under at the time. It might also include other addresses you used during the year on the forms that you submitted with the filing, such as your W-2. Check through your personal financial records to compile a list of your previous addresses from old tax forms. If you are missing one or ...


Locating someone is much easier to do than it was a couple of years ago. You may want to locate a friend you no longer have contact with, you may want to contact an old crush or you may need to find a relative you never met before. Many free websites allow you to search for people using different criteria. You can ...


It is possible to search for former addresses on sites such as whitepages.com or zabasearch.com. They are free to use and will show previous addresses for each address entry. The White Pages website is free to use and allows searchers to search by first name, last name and location. This includes city, state and ZIP code.


"I was legitimately scared," Alyssa Keele tells PEOPLE of discovering that her contact information on FamilyTreeNow.com was linked to someone she has a restraining order against


Receiving someone else’s mail is not fun. When I first moved in, I started receiving the previous tenants’ mail for several months. Some of it was good stuff but the rest was junk. I just threw it away, technically it’s the post office’s and mailman’s responsibility to forward the mail to the correct address.


Short Answer: It is not always explicitly illegal for someone to use your mailing address. However, allowing someone else to use your address or using someone else’s mailing address as your own may be considered address fraud. Address fraud is a serious crime punishable by jail time in some areas.


How to Find Out Where Someone Lives. Maybe you want to send a card or invitation and couldn't find the address, or maybe you dropped by a friend's house for a surprise visit to find a different person lived in the house. These are only a...


How to Stop Mail for Previous Residents. Dealing with a previous resident's mail can be a hassle, and unless you do something about it the problem may continue. Don't worry, though -- wikiHow is here for you! We've got all the best advice...