According to the State Farm Learning Center, if you hit a parked car in a parking lot you should track down the car's owner, leave a note on the car or call the police. If you simply drive away, you could be punished for... More »

If a car is hit while parked by another vehicle and the driver leaves insurance information, then the accident is covered with property damage. In other circumstances where a parked car is hit, it may be covered under un... More »

After a car hits you and leaves the scene, the first thing to do is call the police, and then collect as much information as possible, recommends The more information about the accident, the easier it is to file... More »

Although laws and procedures differ by jurisdiction for when the police tow a car, some police departments contacts the vehicle's owner after storing the vehicle in a lot. Owners reclaim their impounded vehicles when the... More »

When a car is impounded by police, the police department often issues an official notice to the vehicle owner. Some police departments mail a notice of impoundment to the registered car owner's address, if the car was im... More »

Determining fault in parking lot accidents depends on two factors: whether one or both cars moved at the time of the accident, and which driver had the right of way. Drivers of moving cars typically receive blame for acc... More »

The general procedure to reclaim an impounded vehicle includes the submission of paperwork, owner identification and the payment of a fee, reports the Madison Police Department in Wisconsin. A vehicle is released after i... More » Government & Politics Law Driving Laws