A logarithmic solver is a calculator that can help compute the logarithm of a given number. In addition, some calculators are also able to compute the anti-logarithm. Logarithms can be solved by hand, on a calculator or ... More » Math Arithmetic

Natural log equations are solved by simplifying and rewriting the equation until the variable has been isolated on one side of the equation. At that point, a numerical value for the variable can be found and the equation... More » Math Geometry Trigonometry

Mathematical logs, or logarithmic equations, are easiest to solve by rewriting or stating the equations as exponents and then solving for the variable. This is because logarithms are the mathematical opposite of exponent... More » Math Algebra
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The divisibility rule for 7 dictates that a number is divisible by 7 if subtracting 2 times the digit in the one's column from the rest of the number, now excluding the one's column digit, yields a number that is divisib... More »

A square root solver or calculator is a tool that helps one compute the square root of any number. There is a square root solver at as of 2014, and there is also a square root solver on most calculators. To use ... More » Math Math Calculators

The square root of 67 is exactly 8.18535277187245 based on calculator computations. This is typically rounded off to 8.19 for simplicity in using the value in any given math equation. More » Math Arithmetic

Front end estimation makes a multiplication problem simpler to solve without a calculator by providing an estimation of the product of the original values. While the solution only provides an approximate answer to the or... More » Math Arithmetic