A linear inequality is similar to a linear equation; however, where a linear equation has an equals sign, a linear inequality uses an inequality symbol. Inequality symbols include (greater than), More »

Visit and to get help with algebra inequalities. Both websites guide users step by step through the process of solving algebra inequalities and provide an abundance of practice lessons de... More »

To solve a quadratic inequality, find the coordinates where the graph crosses the x axis, and determine the direction for the parabola. Complete the parabola through the points and shade the appropriate points to express... More »

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Multiplying or dividing both sides of an equation by a negative number changes the inequality of the equation, because it changes the sign of each side of the equation. On both sides, what was positive becomes negative, ... More »

The first step in graphing an inequality is to draw the line that would be obtained, if the inequality is an equation with an equals sign. The next step is to shade half of the graph. More »

The Monterey Institute explains that the graph of a linear inequality has a shaded region and that a set of ordered points (x, y) may be located within or outside of the shaded region. To find the values of x and y that ... More »

To solve a linear inequality, find the constant on a number line, and either fill it in or circle it, depending on the nature of the inequality. Next, draw an arrow pointing in the direction indicating that the inequalit... More »