To solve I = prt, multiply the amount of money borrowed by the interest rate and length of time. These are designated by the variables p for the principal or the amount of money borrowed, r for the interest rate and t fo... More » Math Algebra

Apart from principal and interest rate, prospective borrowers need to know the length of time over which a loan is to be paid in order to calculate monthly payments, explains the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Ins... More » Business & Finance Financial Calculations

The volume of a pentagonal prism is calculated by finding the product of 5/2, the prism's apothem length, the side of its base and its height. The formula is given as V = 5/2 abh, where "V" denotes the volume, "a" indica... More » Math Algebra
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To calculate an area's width in linear feet, divide the area's measurement in square feet by the area's length in linear feet. An area's length in linear feet can be found by dividing the area's square feet by the area's... More » Math Algebra

People use algebra in their daily lives when they make decisions about health, fitness, financial and money matters and when cooking. Algebra involves the use of known variables and fixed numbers in equations to find the... More » Math Algebra

Algebra has its beginning in the cultures of ancient Egypt and Babylonia between 1800 and 1600 B.C. Mathematicians of the time could solve for unknowns, but only used positive numbers. Their mathematics involved the use ... More » Math Algebra

Gallons per minute, abbreviated as GPM, can be calculated by the formula dividing the amount of flow in gallons by the unit of time in minutes. This value is also known as the fluid flow rate and may be represented by th... More » Math Algebra