According to the Environment Protection Agency, solar energy is defined as energy derived from the sun's radiation. Solar energy sustains life on earth. It is also becoming increasingly common that this energy is convert... More »

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, there are three main types of solar energy: photovoltaic, concentrated solar and solar heating. The first two technologies create electricity from the sun's rays, whi... More » Science Astronomy Our Sun

Solar energy comes directly from the sun. It is light and heat captured from the sun that can be used for heating, electricity, photovoltaic energy and artificial photosynthesis. More »

Solar energy is defined as energy obtained from the sun's radiation. The two main forms of solar energy include active solar energy and passive solar energy. More »

Solar energy is important because the sun is a sustainable source of energy that can be used to power homes and businesses globally. Fossil fuels are finite and contribute to climate change, so it's important that altern... More »

Clouds serve as reflectors of incoming solar radiation, also called insolation, which is the short-wave radiated energy from the sun that propagates through the Earth's atmosphere. However, the extent to which an individ... More »

The main consequence of a depleted ozone layer is a reduction in the protection it affords against harmful ultraviolet radiation (UVB) emanating from the sun. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), incre... More »