Nearly all scanner manufacturers offer free downloadable scanner drivers and software for customers on their company websites. HP, Canon and Epson are three scanner manufacturers that have drivers and software utilities ... More » Technology Software

Free Scan to PDF is free software that converts files into PDF documents, allowing users to read and edit documents easily. Advanced Scan to PDF Free also features similar PDF conversion functions and additionally specif... More » Technology Software

Reviews for Neat's scanners and software are generally positive on and, as of 2015. Reviews for the NeatDesk scanner on and averaged 3.5 stars out of five and 3.6 stars out of fi... More » Technology Software
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Sources that provide free drivers include the Drivers section on and the support sections on websites of hardware and software manufacturers, such as Microsoft, Nvidia and Advanced Micro Devices Inc. These sourc... More » Technology Software

As of 2015, customers can contact Drake for tax software support through either their support email at or through the company's phone support hotline at 828-524-8020. Drake software users can al... More » Technology Software

Use appointment-scheduling software to allow customers to reserve time with your company by installing the application on your website and configuring the options to create a new calendar or link it with an existing cale... More » Technology Software

When looking for free accounting software, check the websites of large companies that produce paid accounting software, as they may offer free software products designed specifically to promote their other programs. Addi... More » Technology Software