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A software protection dongle (commonly known as a dongle or key) is an electronic copy protection and content protection device. When conncted to a computer or other electronics, they unlock software functionality or decode content.


Software Protection Dongle Software License Protection It is essential for software developers to have software license protection to protect their software intellectual property from reverse engineering or piracy.


A software protection dongle is a tiny hardware device connected to a computer I/O port to authenticate commercial software. It ensures the software’s protection by rendering the software inoperable when a required hardware device is not connected.


Software Protection Dongle. It is essential for software developers to have software license protection to protect their software intellectual property from reverse engineering or piracy. LEARN MORE. SecureDongle X. SecureDongle X was built based on the most cost effective secure EEPROM together with simple Plug & Play HID USB platform.


SECURITY SOLUTIONS. Safeguard your intellectual property from theft and reverse engineering using USB dongles for software licensing and monitization.


Software protected in 1989 would work today without any changes using the CodeMeter CodeMeter stick (USB Smart Card dongle). No matter what hardware or software protection technology comes in the future, you can be sure that Wibu-Systems will protect your investment in software protection. Why Choose CodeMeter?


A software protection dongle is a small piece of hardware that connects to a laptop, desktop or server computer. The term dongle was originally used to refer only to software protection dongles; however, currently, dongle is often used to refer to any small piece of hardware that plugs into a computer.


Reverse engineer and duplicate the dongle 2. Modify the program to not look for the dongle Generally, #2 is easier unless the program has additional countermeasures against tampering, li... Quora. Sign In. Cracking. Computer Security. Software and Applications. How do I crack dongle protected software or hardware id protection? ... Where can I ...


Sentinel HASP HL is now Sentinel HL. Sentinel LDK features unique Cross-Locking technology and is the only software licensing solution on the market to offer hardware- (USB dongles) and software-based protection and secure software licensing in a single solution with one set of tools. Sentinel LDK features a variety of hardware- and software-based protection keys that enable vendors to choose ...


Our flagship dongle, the KEYLOK2 is our most cost-effective and widely used security dongle, loved by thousands worldwide. The KEYLOK2 is available as a standard USB protection dongle, Serial or Parallel dongle. View KEYLOK2 features > FORTRESS. Our smartest and most-secure design built on smart card technology that has been tested to EAL5+.