The chemical formula for sodium bicarbonate is NaHCO3. The common name of this substance is baking soda, and its chemical name is sodium hydrogen carbonate. More »

Many pool owners use sodium bicarbonate to increase the alkalinity of the pool without having an impact on the pH. It is commonly referred to as baking power and can also be called sodium hydrogen carbonate. More »

Sodium bicarbonate is commonly known as baking soda. The scientific name is NaHCO3. Baking soda is an alkaline compound found in crystalline form in nature. It is ground into a fine powder and is used in cooking, cleanin... More »

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Baking soda, scientifically known as sodium bicarbonate, is the composite of sodium hydrogen carbonate and has the formula NaHCO3. It is a fine, white, powdery substance most commonly used for a variety of household reas... More »

Chloride, magnesium, sodium, sulfate, calcium, bicarbonate and potassium are the most abundant ions in sea water. These ions form the bulk of seawater, while oxygen and water form the remaining portion. The ionic makeup ... More »

HCO3 is the formula of bicarbonate, also called hydrogen carbonate. It is an alkaline chemical compound crucial to the pH balancing and maintenance of the acid-base internal environment within the human body. More »

The chemical composition of table salt is one atom of sodium (Na) to one atom of chlorine (Cl), known as sodium chloride (NaCl). Table salt also often has iodine added in for health reasons, but this does not change the ... More »