A marginalized community is a group that’s confined to the lower or peripheral edge of the society. Such a group is denied involvement in mainstream economic, political, cultural and social activities. Marginalization or... More »

The "Kurdish problem” refers to the conflict between the Kurdish people's nationalist movements and efforts toward achieving independence and the competing interests of the nations they inhabit. The Kurds are a distinct ... More »

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The character versus society conflict is when a person believes in something regarding an issue in which the community disagrees. The person is then forced to make a decision to conform to what the community believes or ... More »

The primary difference between a community and a society is that a community is limited to a specific geographic location, but a society can be made up of people who live in different places. Another difference is that a... More »

The effects of crime on society include feelings of fear that disrupt the population’s sense of unity, the breakdown of social associations due to habitual avoidance of certain places, an unwillingness to go out at night... More »

"Communal harmony" refers to the principle that different peoples within a community or society must live together peacefully and in pursuit of mutual goals. Disharmony, therefore, is the product of alienation of groups ... More »

Social construction is the way in which society groups individuals and provides certain privileges for one group over another. Most people are unaware of social construction, as much of it takes place subconsciously. Poi... More »