Social studies practice tests are available on a variety of websites, including Varsity Tutors, 4Tests andGED Study Guide. The tests are interactive and completed online. They are based on material covered in GED tests. More » Education K-12

Questions for a social studies practice tests depend on the grade the test is for. However, it is common to see questions about NAFTA, such as "What does NAFTA stand for?" Other questions might ask about women's suffrage... More » Education Homework Help Study Skills

Social Studies Weekly is an educational classroom magazine focusing on topics in history, government and civics. Published for American students in kindergarten through sixth grade, the magazines seek to replace traditio... More » Education K-12
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Good worksheets for teaching social skills include practice sheets for identifying emotions, signs of stress and things that cause stress; social skills vocabulary worksheets, social skills goal sheets and social scenari... More » Education K-12

Some of the study tools for Vocabulary Workshop Level B are practice tests, flash cards, vocabulary games, study guides, and notes and apps for mobile devices app. Presenting the material through different media and plat... More » Education K-12

GED worksheets are practice tests and exercises to help students prepare for the high school equivalency test. The worksheets focus on math, reading, writing, science and social studies, according to the GED Testing Serv... More » Education K-12

Some practice tests for the North Carolina End-of-Grade Tests, also known as NC EOG, for math and reading are available the for the test preparation and tutoring company Time 4 Learning or by searching for practice quest... More » Education K-12