Social studies is a field of study that seeks to unify the diverse subjects of history, politics, economics, sociology, geography and anthropology, ultimately aiming toward a comprehensive understanding of society. It is... More » World View Social Sciences

One reason to study social work is the chance it offers to impact people's lives. Social workers interact with individuals, families and organizations within their communities to help improve people's lives. More » Business & Finance Careers

Social studies are taught because they build social understanding, encourage civic efficacy, teach critical thinking, instill character and provide students with an understanding of their role as a citizen in a democracy... More » Education K-12 K-12 Curriculum
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Social forces are fundamental in the study of sociology, shaping the field's understanding of social behavior, and as such one of the most famous (or infamous) examples of social forces at work is the Zimbardo Prison Sim... More » World View Social Sciences

Social studies is important because it teaches students fundamental concepts of culture, economics and politics skills to groom them into educated, productive citizens. Social studies centers around understanding how the... More » World View Social Sciences

While economics itself is often considered a social science, many of the social sciences, including anthropology, sociology, political science and history, all relate to economics and how the economy plays a role in huma... More » World View Social Sciences Economics

Because sociology is the study of human behavior in society, which is governed by values, in one sense sociology cannot be value-free. The goal of sociologists is to be value-neutral, meaning they do not bring their own ... More » World View Social Sciences