Social Security pays retroactive and back-pay payments to applicants for SSI and disability benefits, states Nolo. Back pay is calculated between the date of application for disability and the date of approval, while ret... More »

Up to 85 percent of a Social Security benefit may be subject to taxation according to the official Social Security website. The amount of a Social Security benefit that is subject to taxation is based upon individual fin... More »

Social Security Benefits should begin at either full retirement age or between the ages of 62 and 70, according to the Social Security Administration. If started early, benefits are reduced based on the number of months ... More »

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At age 62 or older, a spouse of an individual who is already receiving, or is eligible for, retirement or disability benefits may apply online for Social Security retirement and spouse’s benefits, states the Social Secur... More »

To apply for Social Security retirement benefits, disability benefits or Medicare, applicants don't have to schedule an in-office appointment, as they can apply by phone or online. To apply for Social Security Supplement... More »

To apply for Social Security disability benefits for sleep apnea, determine if you have cor pulmonale or cognitive impairment, which are disorders that automatically qualify applicants for disability benefits, states Nol... More »

Impairments that may qualify a person for disability benefits through the U.S. Social Security Administration include ailments that affect the respiratory, digestive and cardiovascular systems; hematological disorders su... More »