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An anxiety disorder is a mental illness that produces fear, worry and a constant feeling of being overwhelmed, according to WebMD. Common anxiety disorders include social anxiety disorder, specific phobias and generalized anxiety disorder.


Social anxiety is an intense fear of social interactions and situations that leads to avoidance of these activities or to a panic attack, according to WebMD. Social anxiety is a problem if it interferes with a person’s daily life or routine, such as at school, work or in personal relationships, acco


The exact causes of anxiety disorders are unknown. However, certain risk factors associated with these conditions include personality, family history, being female, stress and brain illness. People with anxiety disorders experience constant fear and worry, according to WebMD.


The main recognized types of anxiety disorders include panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder and specific phobias, according to WebMD. These disorders are serious mental illnesses that cause so much overwhelming worry and fear that they impair a person's ability to le


Anxiety disorders are diagnosed based on a physical exam and an evaluation by a physician that involves asking questions about the symptoms a patient is experiencing, according to WebMD. A lab test or blood test can not indicate levels of anxiety, but physical symptoms causing anxiety may be uncover


Psychotherapy and medications are the two most common treatments for anxiety disorders, and many people have success using both together, according to Mayo Clinic. It may be necessary to try various treatments to find a successful solution.


Symptoms in children vary greatly between different anxiety disorders, though a general fear or worry transcends across all of the disorders, explains the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Common anxiety disorders include generalized anxiety, panic, separation anxiety, social anxiety di


Chamomile, lemon balm, fish and some types of nuts can help reduce anxiety levels when consumed regularly. Foods that contain zinc, magnesium and vitamin B-12 are recommended to prevent anxiety.


Social anxiety in teenagers is usually caused by an embarrassing experience, can develop over time due to self-esteem issues or can be caused due to genes, states AnxietyBC. The disorder usually begins at an early age and can negatively affect teenagers' mental state and how they interact with other


The most common treatments for social anxiety disorder are anti-anxiety medications and psychotherapy, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. CalmClinic states that there are non-medicinal treatments for social anxiety, such as having good friends, recognizing and changing anxious tho