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Deviance is considered a social construct because it is defined strictly by what a particular society defines as normal. What is deviant in one society is not necessarily deviant in another.


A basic principle of social cognitive theory is that a person's functioning is based on the three-way reciprocal interaction of personal, behavioral and environmental factors and what he believes about himself and experiences from others. While acknowledging the import of environmental factors, the


John Locke's social contract theories differed in one key aspect from others. Locke felt that mankind's natural state was of freedom and individuals entered into a contract with other people to ensure that freedom.


One of the theories to explain the purpose and symbolism behind the construction of the Great Sphinx at Giza is that it was built to guard the tombs of the pharaohs buried nearby. Support for this theory is based on the symbolism of lions as guardian figures and the monument's body of a lion with a


Civil construction is a segment of the broader construction industry focused on building core infrastructure like pipelines, telecommunications, sewers, water treatment systems, highways, roads, bridges, subway tunnels and light rail transit lines. Companies operating in this field design, build and


One example of social disorganization theory would be a small town that has turmoil between different groups, even as the groups themselves change and move away, only to have new groups come in. Neighborhoods that are high in crime, no matter who lives there, comprise another example.


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You know your child is more advanced that the majority of his peers, but some people believe that giftedness is what is known as a social construct. If you are the parent of a gifted child, you most likely have had a hard time getting an appropriate academic environment for your child. You might hav


We think of music as an art, but there's a science behind even the most sublime melodies. These articles and resources cover everything you need to know about formal music theory, from reading musical roadmaps to constructing songs. We think of music as an art, but there's a science behind even the