Snowy owls eat mammals, such as rabbits and rodents, and other birds. The snowy owl swallows its prey whole when it eats and hunts during the day. More »

Snowy owls can normally be found in Canada, Russia, the northern parts of the United States, Greenland, Iceland, northern China, the United Kingdom and the Scandinavian countries. They breed in the Arctic circle and trav... More » Pets & Animals Birds Owls

The main predators of snowy owls are humans, arctic foxes, jaegers (or skuas), dogs and wolves. Snowy owls may also fight with other raptors such as golden eagles and peregrine falcons for food, and these battles occasio... More »

Great horned owls feed primarily on small- to medium-sized mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. Rabbits and hares are statistically the great horned owl's most frequent prey. Rodents, rats, squirrels, mice, lemmings ... More »

Foxes, jaegers, dogs, wolves and large birds are predators of snowy owls. Many owls are also killed by humans. Snowy owls are very protective of their young, swooping over the nest and attacking predators to insure survi... More »

Snowy owls live in polar regions, and they breed in Canada, coastal Alaska and Greenland. In winter, they may be found as far south as Oklahoma, central California and northern Alabama. They are also found in Scandinavia... More »

Snowy owls are found in the Arctic and female owls, like the females of many birds of prey, are bigger and heavier than males. The male has lighter plumage, and some older males are almost all white. Because of this, Hed... More »