Online companies that provide printable snowflake pictures include, and Depending on the site, users can find prints to color or to use as templates to cut out paper sn... More » Science Weather & Tides Snow

Determine a horse's breed from a picture by looking at its color and defining characteristics. For instance, appaloosas boast spotted coats, readily distinguished by pictures. The spots come in snowflake, marble and leop... More » Pets & Animals Mammals Barnyard Mammals

Snow painting, winter matching games, ice melting and winter dramatic play are examples of preschool winter lesson plans. Meaningful learning experiences take place when winter themes such as snow, ice, snowmen and mitte... More » Family Parenting
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Scientists classify snowflakes into many different categories: simple prisms, stellar plates, stellar dendrites, fernlike stellar dendrites, capped columns, double plates, 12-sided snowflakes and rimed crystals. Despite ... More » Science Weather & Tides Snow

Though their crystalline structure may manifest in a variety of unique shapes and patterns, all snowflakes have six sides. Because the molecules that build up to form a snowflake are made of water, these molecules fit to... More » Science Weather & Tides Snow

The six-sided shape of snowflakes is caused by the way water molecules bond with each other in cold temperatures. The water molecules attract each other so that they form a type of hexagon shape. When they hit a certain ... More » Science Weather & Tides Snow

Ice crystals that fall from the sky as precipitation are called snowflakes. Snowflakes take several forms, depending on how the ice crystals fall and the temperatures of both the air and ground. More » Science Weather & Tides Snow